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40 Year Real Estate Industry Authority as Developer, Investor & Coach

I’ll Bring Your Real Estate Investing Goals To Reality, GUARANTEED!


From humble beginnings as a simple carpenter to becoming a nationally syndicated Real Estate Investment expert that the industry looks to as an established authority, Bill Harloff has earned his credentials through years of hard work and grit, thus, rightfully earning of the moniker Investor Par Excellence. Today he is an international Real Estate investor, instructor and coach.

Bill Harloff, Chairman and CEO of BH Coaching LLC, is living the American Dream. He is a self-made millionaire, but the journey from the streets of Jersey City to becoming a recognized authority on Real Estate Investing has not been easy. He has attended the “School of Hard Knocks” and has built his career and business from the ground up, gaining experience through perseverance, hard work, focus, and determination.

With nearly 40 years of experience in residential and commercial Real Estate Development and 25 years as an Investor and Coach, negotiating over a thousand deals, Bill has mastered every tactic of making money in Real Estate. Nowadays, Bill lives in his beach estate on the Emerald Coast and travels across the nation as an investor and coach to share his experience, strategies, secrets, and wisdom to help aspiring and well-established Real Estate Investors grow their businesses.

When Bill is not running his coaching program, he’s in the field doing-deals as the Pro that the Pros call when a good investment has turned upside down. When established Real Estate Investors are in over their heads and need help, they call Bill. Bill assembles his team, arrives with his crew, and invests his own money to turn around the struggling project, fixes the deal and consistently flips it for a profit. With all sincerity, Bill believes that a rising tide lifts all boats, so he willingly imparts his time-tested principles and knowledge to guide people in their journey to become Real Estate Investment successes.

Bill has a tremendous passion for what he does, which he believes is the most important ingredient for success, since without passion you will have no energy, and without energy, you will not succeed. Bill’s success can be directly attributed to the tremendous passion he has for his work, his energy to pursue opportunities, and his never-ending quest to discover new and creative solutions for his clients. He is a family man, a man of faith and possesses a sincere desire to help people achieve their dreams of financial freedom!