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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other REI courses online?

Our courses are a step-by-step success program that will empower you to launch you Real Estate Investment Business in your first 30 days and successfully close your first deal by day 90, guaranteed!

What if I cannot access the courses or if I encounter issues on displaying the courses?

Please make sure that you have the most updated version of either Firefox or Chrome.

Can I access the courses on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes. Our courses are mobile user-friendly.

How fast can I get started with this program?

You can start as soon as possible. Click here to enroll to our Zero to Close in 90 Days Program or avail our Free Discover your Niche Call to assess if this course is really for you.

We have designed a comprehensive step-by-step plan and strategy to either launch your Real Estate Investment Business or take your business to the next level. If you are struggling in your Real Estate Investing today, this program will enable you to launch or re-launch your business in 30 days and successfully close your first deal by day 90, guaranteed! We’re so confident in this program that if you can’t close a deal in your market, you will have the opportunity to work side-by-side with Bill Harloff, investing in one of his personal deals.

Why is your program a zero risk investment?

The Zero to Close in 90 days program is a zero risk investment because your investment in this program will pay you back in 90 days or less. This is a win-win program, which if followed correctly, within your first 90 days you will be equipped with the tools, training, and coaching to successfully close deals that make you more money. Additionally, it will save you from costly mistakes, and ultimately accelerating your long-term business growth.

I am working full time, how can I fit my busy working schedule with your program?

Our E-Learning platform will give you unlimited access to our online training, home-study courses, live stream videos, contract templates, scripts, marketing material and much more to build your skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in your Real Estate Investing Business. We also have weekly  1 hour Q&A sessions with Bill Harloff so you can ask your personal questions and issues about the business. In our Zero to Close in 90 days program, we require each of our students to commit at least 4 hours per week for this program to achieve the goals and objectives of this program. If you think you do not have the time to study for any of the courses, then we suggest that you do not enroll as time is crucial to the success of this program. We highly value your time as well as ours.

Can I take a leave from the coaching program if something unexpected occurs while I am enrolled in the program?

Yes. We offer a one time option to pause the program upon some qualified life event.

Do I receive college credits from Zero to Close in 90 Days Coaching Program?

No. Our coaching program will give you the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a successful Real Estate Investor. Here, you will have hands-on experience needed so that you can enter a property, assess the characteristics of the opportunity and choose from the toolbox of strategies and tactics that you will learn from Bill Harloff. These tools and strategies will help you to negotiate the best deal and extract the maximum amount of profits.

Who are the coaches in your coaching program?

The following are the coaches in this 90 days program:

1.Real Estate Investment Coach

Your REI Coach is hand-picked and trained by me to guide you through your customized Zero to Close in 90 Days Program from start to finish. The REI Coach is your resource for all questions and mentoring as you develop your business plan, network with investors, raise money (or not), conduct public relations, promotional activities, and marketing strategy. He or she will help with your marketing design, production and ads to ensure that you achieve the goals laid out in your business plan. Finally, your REI Coach will be there to ensure that you successfully close your first deal by day 90.

2. Certified Public Accountant Coach

Your CPA Coach will provide full support in preparing and implementing your financial plan. You will receive guidance on your financial strategies and assistance in developing reports for Investors Buyers and other stakeholders if needed. He or she will guide you through your planning, investment, budget and tax reporting activities, and streamline your Real Estate accounting to maximize your profits and save you time.

3. Program Success Coordinator

When you sign up with our program, I will assign to you one of my personally trained professionals to work closely with you throughout the program. Your PSC will serve as your 24/7 support system and will help you move through the program with ease and success.

Can you summarize the content of your 90 days program?

Based on Bill Harloff’s nearly 40 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, we’ve structured a 3-month program in the following way.

Month 1: Foundation
Here you will take an Investor’s Assessment in order for you (and us) to better understand your goals and to begin devising a plan of action to achieve those goals. You will also build upon your investing knowledge by taking Bill’s foundational Real Estate Investment courses, which include “How to Prepare a Winning Business Plan”, “How to Locate Motivated Sellers”, etc. Finally, our coaching team will work with you one on one to create your Real Estate Investing Business & Financial Plan.

Month 2: Launch (or accelerate) Your Business
On day 30, you will be ready to launch or re-launch your REI business, using the foundational principles, tools and coaching received in Month 1. Most importantly, you will focus on building a system to locate motivated sellers (i.e. finding deals) and build your list of Investor Buyers. You will also continue learning from Bill during his weekly live-stream courses on advanced topics such as “Wholesaling / Assignment of Contracts”, “How to Execute a Sub-To Deal”, “How to Prepare Your Fix & Flip with the Buyer in Mind”, etc.

Month 3: Close the Deal
This month is all about closing your first (new) or several deals, using everything you’ve learned and built to this point. The first step will be to review, evaluate and analyze the opportunities gathered in Month 2. Once analyzed, you have the option to consult with your REI Coach and/or Bill Harloff regarding your analyses. Finally, close the deal!

Is there a particular schedule I should follow or Can I study on my own?

Once you enroll in our program, we will provide you a customized Journey Road Map that has your schedule for the courses and coaching calls. We highly encourage that you follow the step-by-step program that we have prepared for you.

What if I want to start on the program now?

What are you waiting for? Enroll to our Zero to Close in 90 Days now or Avail our free Discover your Niche Call to speak with one of our coaches here: Schedule Your Call

Can I sign-up for individual courses?

Yes. Our courses are available for stand-alone purchase.

Who can take your Zero to Close in 90 days program?

  • Anyone interested in Real Estate Investing aged 18 and above.
  • Aspiring Real Estate Investors who are serious about doing business
  • Anyone who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and dreams about reaching financial freedom.
  • Existing Real Estate Investors who are ready to take their business to the next level but are struggling to build momentum
  • Part-time Investors who want to increase their monthly income, build sustainable long-term streams of cash flow and protect themselves from making costly mistakes
  • Those interested in investing (with or without money!) in wholesale properties, fix and flip rehabs, short sales, rental properties, multifamily apartments, rental warehouses, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to start a Real Estate Investing Business but doesn’t know how or where to start

Can you be a realtor or real estate agent and use this program?

Absolutely, realtors or real estate agents can use this program. We have many successful Realtor students who are building $10-20K in additional monthly income on the side while continuing to run their agency.


Do you provide training to aspiring students who want to become a Real Estate Agent?


Do I have to wait for 90 days to begin earning?

The Zero to Close in 90 days is a three-pronged approach which will allow you to close a deal in 90 days or less. Here’s our three-pronged approach:

1. Building the basic foundation needed to start and accelerate your Real Estate Investment Portfolio. Bill Harloff’s powerful tools will instantly provide you everything, from generating a massive motivated seller lead generation engine to establishing a strong list of Investor Buyers. With these tools, you’ll establish your foundation as you launch your Real Estate Business within the first 30 days and close your first deal by day 90!

2. Our E-Learning Platform will give you unlimited access to all courses so that you can study on the go. This exclusive coaching program aims to accelerate your growth as you become an established authority and leader in the Real Estate Investing Universe.

3. Our exclusive coaching program aims to accelerate your growth as you become an established authority and leader in Real Estate Investment. This program will consist of working one-on-one with Bill Harloff’s trained staff of Real Estate Investment professionals, CPA’s, Attorneys, and marketing specialists who will assist you in building your professional business plan, including a full financial analysis and go-to-market, marketing strategy.

Bill Harloff’s proven techniques and strategies will be taught to you in our 90 days program to ensure that you will close a deal and increase your income by thousands of dollars per month. You will be provided with highly practical lessons that will give you immediate and tangible results.

I really want to enroll but I can’t afford the tuition fee. What should I do?

We provide a 50% off at $2991 for those who pay in full. However, if interested students cannot afford to pay the total amount upfront, we offer three easy installment payments but for the full amount of $5982 or $1994 per month.

What happens after I graduate from the 90 days program?

After your 90 days program with us, we want you to be our partner not just during your coaching program with us. If you are happy with the results of your 90 days coaching program with Bill Harloff and his team, and you feel like you can now move forward with the skills you learned from us, then we will be happy to see you go and succeed in your career! Of course, you can still access to the basic subscription to the BH Coaching’s tools and resources as well as continue to network and learn from your industry peers via BH Coaching.