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Zero to Close in 90 Day Course

Welcome to my Zero to Close in 90 Days Course.

This course is a fully comprehensive curriculum for aspiring and current real estate investors to learn everything from the fundamentals of running a real estate investing business to the advanced investing strategies that I have used to successfully negotiate over 1,000 deals in my career!

My Zero to Close in 90 Days course is not a quick get rich scheme, it is not a motivational course, nor is for the uninspired. This course is about you and how you too can be a successful real estate investor. It is a roadmap to achieving financial freedom and it is designed to prepare you to enter the exciting and financially rewarding world of real estate investment in weeks, not months or years.

You can choose to enter this world on a part-time basis or full-time. The decision is up to you. But remember one thing, you can do nothing and succeed at doing nothing, or you can take action and improve your life. The decision is yours.


Our Course Offerings


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If you dream of becoming a Real Estate Investor, then this web class is a must for you! How to Establish Yourself as a Real Estate Investor is designed to bring you to a level of knowledge that will help you to plan, establish, and grow as a Real Estate Investor. Starting a Real Estate Investment Business is an excellent way of earning additional income, full-time or on a part-time basis, and most excitingly making your money work for you! It is a booming industry that is becoming more and more popular and appealing to many people who want to finally achieve financial freedom.


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Did you know that finding motivated sellers and end buyers are the “lifeblood” of your Real Estate Investment Business? Finding these buyers and sellers is easy as long as you know what you are doing. In this web class, Bill Harloff provides the tools, knowledge and coaching to launch (or relaunch) your Real Estate Investment Business, flip your properties and get paid quickly, so that you can earn an additional $5,000-$20,000 or more of monthly income by investing in Real Estate!   In this web class, you will learn many tactics, tips and strategies to build lead generation machine for motivated sellers and a massive list of end buyers. From fix and flip investors, buyer agents, renters and / or lease-to-own buyers, to real estate attorneys, and bird dogs, this step will bridge the gap for you to find and execute your deals successfully every time. These buyers and sellers are the foundation of your business and will serve to grow your business to no limits!


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In accordance with International Best Practices standards, this web class is designed to help you write a winning Real Estate Business and Financial Plan! Learning how to write a winning Real Estate Business and Financial Plan will help you achieve your financial goals! In this, Bill Harloff will show you his proven success strategy in writing, implementing and tracking your success as a Real Estate Investor. This crucial step in launching your Real Estate Business will ensure that you can achieve and maintain a recession-proof stream of income regardless of whether the national economy is good or bad.


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In this advanced web class on How to Wholesale and Assign a Contract for Profit, you will have full access to Bill Harloff’s engaging lesson plan plus assignments into action to accelerate your learning process and ultimately the growth and success of your Real Estate Investment Business.   In this web class, Bill Harloff will describe the step-by-step process on how to assign a contract for profit. In all Real Estate deals, it is essential that all contracts be executed correctly. Keep in mind that a single mistake or missed document can lead to confusion between your buyer and seller which can lead to a termination of the contract. It is Bill’s goal to help you succeed in your REI business.  Hence he will be generously sharing with you everything from what to look for in a wholesale contract to real-life examples, processes and strategies, plus all of the legal and technical know-how you’ll need to effectively assign a contract for profit!


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  This advanced web class on How to Execute a Subject to the Existing Finance Deal is designed to help aspiring as well as seasoned Real Estate Investors learn the practical, achievable and proven success formula that Bill Harloff has used himself in executing hundreds of these types of deals. At a single point during Bill’s illustrious career, he collected monthly rental payments from over 80 rental properties, all of which he acquired with absolutely no money down, by taking over the existing mortgages.   Don’t be left behind as this advanced web class is one of the most sought out Real Estate strategy that exists in the marketplace today. Thousands of investors have become self-made millionaires with or without money through this strategy alone.


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  Excel in your Real Estate business by learning How to Prepare Your Flip with the Buyer in Mind! This web class is the most advanced course taught on a topic that is taking the country by storm. In this very engaging web course, Bill Harloff does what he does       best – Fix and Flip properties for Profit! You will learn how to evaluate and analyze a property to determine whether or not it’s the “right house with all the right things wrong with it”. Bill will then teach you everything you need to ensure that your fix and flip turns into a profit. This fast-track advanced web class will make sure that you are aware of what is trending and hot in today’s highly complex market. Also, Bill will teach you strategies on how to know more about your buyer and renovate with that person’s interests in mind, ultimately maximizing your Return on Investment. Yes, from this video you can learn how to turn an ugly house into an attractive income!    



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With over 40 years in the industry, Bill Harloff will show you everything from the basics to the best practices in investing in properties that are going through the short sale process. This advanced web class on How to Complete the Short Sale Process enables aspiring Real Estate Investors or anyone who is interested in earning money from Real Estate Investing to understand the complexities of short sale investing.   You will learn how to uniquely identify these deeply discounted Real Estate opportunities which have become an essential to becoming a success in this business. You will learn how to get your paperwork to the top of the pile at the bank and to keep a constant audience with the loan agent. Additionally, you will learn how to take advantage of today’s economy, deal with clients, provide expert guidance in your decision making, and successfully close short sale opportunities everytime. Bill Harloff, once deemed “Mr. Short Sale” by the Learning Annex, will teach you how to win in the short sale game!  

What Our Students Say

"I really cannot believe you just helped me profit 5,000 on my Assignment of Contract Deal Your Coaching Program was without a doubt the best investment I have ever made in myself. Never would have believed I could make this kind of money without you I would not even know how to start. Thank you!"


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"Simplified, yet powerfull tools to overcome adversity in our personal lives, relationships and businesses. I personally feel that teenagers would be very inspired and prepared for the future world after high school if this was part of theri curriculum. Thank you Bill!!"

Lori Ann Rebber


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